Not retreating, just…regrouping

I’m acutely aware of the juxtaposition of writing this post immediately following my post about not retreating into the private sphere.

Maybe it’s just denial, but I really don’t think that’s what I’m doing.

I know that I’ll never turn totally inward.

But neither will I be embracing this particular public role.

Maybe it’s a cliche, but I have been mentally writing, and unwriting, this post in my mind for a long time.

I didn’t finally draft it in earnest until, honestly, there was no way I could not.

I have to take a break from blogging.

It’s not burnout or lack of inspiration or feeling that I don’t have anything to say.

I’m assuming those would be the reasons that some people might step away from public presences like this that they’ve built, but that’s just not where I am.

No, for me, it’s just math.

There are not enough hours in the day.

With my new full-time position at the university and my ongoing commitment to stay at least somewhat engaged in supporting nonprofit organizations through their advocacy integration efforts, I’m overly extended, to say the least, professionally.

That means that whatever time I spend here is time that is taken away from my Mommy responsibilities.

I am staying up way too late at night–far into the next morning, really–and that makes me too tired to even have a shot at being a great parent.

I’m spending too much time with my eyes on a screen instead of my kids on the swing.

It’s just a price I’m not willing to pay right now.

So, until I find a professional role that allows me the time to blog as part of my ‘work life’ instead of my ‘home life’, I just can’t. Or won’t, I guess.

As with any transition, there’s a lot that I’ll miss about this regular venue, especially the interaction with so many of you.

But I’m missing other things now, and, if something has to be missed, it’s not going to be these guys.


I hope you’ll understand.

6 responses to “Not retreating, just…regrouping

  1. I love you! Happy mommying!

  2. Alice Lieberman

    Me too! And I’m glad you’re taking this break! Love seeing you at school ❤

  3. How inspirational! i have a question, i am raising a family of 4 kids and i have been trying to juggle family and profession and i am preparing to take my LCSW exam and i need to study. do you have any advice for me? i read another blog and i can go that way, i just want to do the best i can with out having to withdraw to much from my kids. any tips?

    • I wish I had surefire solutions to the age-old challenge of balancing motherhood and work! It was years ago that I took the LMSW exam, and I’ve never taken the LCSW, so I don’t know that I’m the best to answer. I do a lot of work late at night and early in the morning; even though it means only about 4 hours of sleep a night, it lets me focus on my kids during a lot of days and still stay on top of work. Not a perfect solution, obviously, but I don’t know that one exists! Good luck!

  4. Hello,

    Is there a way to communicate with you in private via emails? I would like to ask about advocacy groups in the MO area as a friend and I are looking for some to help another friend. Thank you! St.

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