List o’ Inspiration

To close out Inspiration Week, here is a list of some tidbits that I’ve been hanging onto, which I’m hoping you might find uplifting, as we embrace (or at least, stumble through) this new year. Of course, I’m crowdsourcing, too–please share your inspirations (images, quotes, facts) for 2014, too!

  • Study finds that students learn more from non-tenure track professors–affirmation, for me, of my decision not to pursue my PhD and full-time academic life
  • From Bolder Advocacy, Lobbying Lessons from Diana Nyad (who is an inspiration herself)
  • Missouri advocates for tax and budget equity sustained Governor Nixon’s veto of a drastic tax cut bill last summer, and now they’re gearing up for campaigns for progressive revenue policies in Missouri, with messages about how we get the government (and services) we’re willing to fund–awesome.
  • Building Movement Project’s invigorated blog, mostly written by the dynamic (and generous and kind) Executive Director, Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, which had this post on direct service organizations using the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (and associated outreach) as an opportunity for movement-building. A thousand times, yes.
  • Bolder Advocacy’s continued, exemplary, essential efforts to support nonprofit advocacy, like this ‘checklist’ for community foundations to assess their support for advocacy
  • MomsRising’s incredible advocacy–here, there’s so much to love: the identification of a somewhat unlikely advocacy target (the Department of Labor, on pay gaps) and action request (better data with which to understand the scope of the pay gap problem)

Your inspirations?

We’re going to need them!

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