Oh, SNAP! (I couldn’t help myself.)

In lieu of a guest post, I am sharing this ‘advocacy from the trenches’ example from two of the stellar organizations with which I have the distinct honor and pleasure to work on advocacy: Harvesters and Kansas Action for Children.

Both organizations are taking on the ridiculously (and senselessly) controversial issue of funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and both are framing the issue perfectly: are you pro-feeding hungry kids? Or not?

I watched this alongside Joanna Sebelien from Harvesters, featured prominently in the video, this week, and we debriefed the piece and the experience. One of the greatest triumphs, in my assessment, is the quietly devastating representation of the complexity of the SNAP application process by Shelly, the outreach worker.

And KAC CEO Shannon Costoradis’ final comments are absolutely spot-on.

I would never be so presumptuous as to assert any responsibility for their fabulous fearlessness and astute analysis.

Just watch the video. And you’ll know why I am so, so glad to be on the same team.

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