Little Shifts, Big Change

I tweeted this last week, but it is exciting and awesome enough that I wanted to make sure that everyone in my world who cares about nonprofit advocacy sees it.

Building Movement Project has a new series on 5% shifts–the really tremendous and completely accurate insight that, in moving direct service organizations to social change agents, radical changes are not necessarily required (which is good, because they may not be possible), but, instead, smaller adjustments that reimagine how we engage our clients, organize our work, talk about our cause.

I have been honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to play a small role in this series, weighing in on initial versions and talking through the theory and practice of orienting nonprofits towards significant social changes.

And I’m beyond delighted that the first one is out:

Building Community from the Inside Out

There will be more–the next is on developing client leadership, and I am super jazzed (and running out of happy adjectives) that some of the organizations I’m working with locally on advocacy TA may be featured in some of the coming installments.

As I’ve said many times, I feel such a kinship to the folks at BMP, and such a fondness for their approach and their contributions. I am impressed but not surprised that they took a look at who’s engaging with their content, and how, and decided that they needed ways to help organizations ‘ease’ into advocacy and social change, in the context (always) of constrained resources and political uncertainty.

I would love to hear what you think about this idea of small shifts for big impact, and, specifically, how you respond to this particular profile. I know BMP would love the feedback, too.

Happy shifting!

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