Four Years in Retrospect

Today is the actual date when I started the blog, four years ago. As has become my sort-of custom, here are the most popular posts, based on page views, comment traffic, social media sharing, and your direct feedback to me.

Please, if I missed one that you particularly liked, let me know. There would be no blog without you (or, at least, I could never justify the time that I spend on it, without someone reading), and so you deserve to celebrate this four years milestone in the way you see fit.

Happy anniversary, to us!

4 responses to “Four Years in Retrospect

  1. Congratulations. Thanks for your posts and wisdom and excitement about nonprofit advocacy! It’s great to have such an advocate for advocacy.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog posts, Melinda! Your passion for the social work profession and social justice in general is extremely inspiring and uplifting, particularly so in our rampantly negative environment today. You keep us fellow social workers up-to-date on the critical macro practice/advocacy-related and political issues that are so integral to the sanctity of our profession — those that are too often overlooked/forgotten by social workers today. Congratulations on four years of wonderful blogging!!! Here’s to many more (I hope)! 🙂

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