Stuff I love

I’ve never been too into Valentine’s Day.

My husband and I don’t celebrate it; he rejects any holiday “created by the greeting card industry”. And I don’t object.

It falls in the middle of February, when I’m traditionally both loathing the cold weather and immersed in a brutal legislative session.

And, now, it means that my kids get showered with chocolate, which I then have to avoid during my late nights working.

But, still, we can all use more love these days.

So, in the spirit of today, here’s a list of stuff I love. I’m hoping you’ll add some stuff you love, too.

  • Ami Musa’s Pinterest site: UNICEF created this fictional site, somehow managing to remind Pinterest users what real need looks like, without alienating the platform. It’s brutal, but also really poignant and pretty beautiful.
  • Public libraries: Not a new one, I know, but has anyone noticed how much cooler public libraries are now? I appreciate being able to pay my fines online, but I also have an app for requesting titles (and renewing them), social media platforms to get book lists from librarians, and invitations to really interesting discussions just about every week.
  • The Political Social Worker: What is not to love about a blog dedicated to macro social work that relies on a lot of crowd-sourcing for good ideas and includes such uplifting posts as a review of the “50 worst state legislatures”? I value Rachel’s voice.
  • DREAMers, especially their powerful commitment to fight for legal status for their parents, and their inspiring testament to the love and respect they have for those–often vilified–who brought them to the U.S.
  • Speaking of inspiring, Robert Egger’s announcement that he’s moving across the country to take his model of reclaiming food to build a movement of empowerment and opportunity, after 25 years of working that model in Washington, DC, makes me feel like a slacker. And really honored to say that I know him. Here’s to never resting on one’s laurels.
  • The inexorable march towards marriage equality: Every time my youngest son scowls when we drive past Chik-Fil-A (on his own accord–he overheard us talking about it one day!), I think, really, we’re moving beyond this. I don’t know how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule, but I’m not sure, a decade from now, how much it will matter. Sometimes, the arc of the universe bends enough, and this one is inevitable. I hope these guys are still alive to see it.
  • Efforts to bring good food to people who need it, affordably, like Kansas City’s Beans and Greens program. Obesity is a crisis, and every family should be able to feed its children, well.

What do you love, this Valentine’s Day?

2 responses to “Stuff I love

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about The Political Social Worker.

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