Inspiration for 2013 (and good holiday reading)

For my final post of 2012, I want to share the case studies that we did at the conclusion of the first phase of advocacy technical assistance with the four initial grantees. All of this work was made possible by the incredible efforts of the staff, Board, volunteers, and clients of these organizations, and also by the financial support and driving vision of the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the REACH Healthcare Foundation. The foundations’ role in this technical assistance project is really inspiring. Yes, they write the checks that pay me, but they also came up with the idea that organizations need more than just admonishment to “do advocacy”, guidance about the lobbying limits that govern nonprofits, or even money to put advocacy activities into place (although the foundations provided cash grants to the organizations, too).

They also need help, an infusion of energy and attention, opportunities to connect with other organizations going through some of the same struggles, and some extra people-power to build some momentum.

I am honored to get to be part of this work, and I am so looking forward to the chance to work with 5 more organizations in 2013.

Enjoy! See you next year!

El Centro case study

ReDiscover case study

Wyandot case study

reStart case study

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