Happy Week! Three years in retrospect

It’s really hard for me to believe that I started this blog three years ago. My life, in some ways, was quite different then–3 kids instead of 4, to start, not nearly as much consulting work–they were mostly the long days of a mom with very young children (longing for outside communication), not the very full days of a mom with 3 almost-school-aged kids (and, still, one baby).

In other ways, things have changed very little: I still am a full-time mom most days and a social worker, policy advocate, teacher, and thinker every evening. We have more regular childcare now, so I see sunshine in my work clothes every now and then, but I’m still engaged in many of the same ways, and, unfortunately, on many of the same fronts.

As I’ve alluded to a few times, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep blogging here. I absolutely cherish the conversations I have with fellow social workers, with advocates, and with students. I also cherish sleep and not having to multitask quite so ridiculously in order to have my children fed and clothed. So we’ll see. So far, every time I think of stopping, I read something on another blog that prompts my thinking, or I experience something in class or in my consulting that I long to process here.

In looking back, though, here are the 5 most-viewed and the 5 most-commented posts of the past three years, respectively. As you’ll see, there’s relatively overlap, largely because the blog serves different purposes for different people; some of you relish the dialogue, and others come in search of specific information. For all of you, and for us together, happy anniversary!

Most Viewed Posts
What Makes a Good Policy Brief?
Social Work Ethics and Social Media
Ethics and Advocacy
But our path can’t be that easy, or why advocates can’t be Amazon
Agency Advocacy

Most Commented Posts
Value differences and international policy analysis
Social workers as policymakers
The dark side of local government (not really)
Someone should sue!
The future of our female-dominated profession

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