Time for a Break!

Here's to hoping Van Gogh induces restfulness around here!

This post has been previously scheduled, because Baby Lewis is due to arrive in the world this week, and I’m preemptively giving myself some time off. I’m hoping to be back in a few weeks, first with a reprise of some of my favorite posts from the past two years, and then with some guest posts as I ease back into “normal” life, albeit with four young children, four part-time jobs, and a penchant for inserting myself into various social justice causes.

I’ll still answer emails, at least periodically, and especially from students and former students, so don’t be afraid to ask. But I apologize in advance for my absence from others’ blogs, and I’ll try to get caught up again this fall!

Have a wonderful summer, and, for those of you getting full nights of sleep, well, good for you!

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