Blogs I love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband and I have never been big Valentine’s Day celebrants. In fact, he often jokes about the time that I tried to convince him to tackle this huge house project that I wanted to start, saying that since it was “Valentine’s Day weekend”, he should really do it for me. He laughs at my willingness to extend a holiday for which I previously had never even bought him a card to an entire weekend, when it suited my purposes.

But, I love you, fellow pursuers of social justice, social workers, students, and kindred spirits.

And, so, a gift for this day of love: some other blogs (and people) I have come to love, along with a cool place to find many of them.

After all, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by spending hours reading about social change, being inspired to take action yourself, and connecting to awesome people committed to the same purpose, whom I’m sure you, too, are going to love?


This list is in addition to the blog rolls that I’ve published here before. I still read many of those blogs, along with these newer finds (some of which I’ve been reading for a year now, anyway), although, I’ll admit, my RSS feed has been a little lonely as my consulting practice has accelerated, and the kids’ naptime has gotten shorter.

As always, I’d love to hear about the blogs that you most enjoy. What voices particularly resonate with your issues? Who do you find most informative about advocacy, nonprofit organizations, or social change strategies? To whom do you turn for inspiration?

  • One of the coolest resources I found recently is the List of Change. It aggregates nonprofit and social justice-oriented blogs, with power rankings based on transparent criteria; anyone can submit his/her blog for consideration. Many of those I’ve read for a long time (A. Fine Blog, Beth’s Blog, Have Fun Do Good) are there, but I’ve also discovered some new ones that I’m going to check out.
  • Community Organizer 2.0: I appreciate Deb Askanse’s willingness to narrate her own learning about organizing offline and online, her integration of her community practice with her thinking and blogging, and her generous spirit of learning and sharing. It’s a good introduction to social media for organizing to those exploring, has a wealth of case studies and some great expert guest posts, and provides even seasoned 2.0 organizers with new ways of thinking about their work. Plus, she’s fun and friendly.
  • America’s Voice: This is my first stop for immigration reform-related news and commentary. I especially appreciate the synthesis of Spanish-language news coverage of immigration, the analysis of poll data and traditional media coverage, and the integration of action into the blog (you’ll get a “take action” pop-up pretty soon after you start reading). The video clips of Jon Stewart taking on the “anchor baby” idea are pretty awesome, too.
  • Philanthropy 2173: I’ll admit that it takes me awhile to get through some of the posts here–my percentage of unfamiliar words and concepts is much higher than on some of the other blogs; I just don’t live in a philanthropy world, let alone philanthropy of the future, that often. But I make more notes about posts here than just about any other, and I appreciate how it makes me think, and how many new ideas it introduces.
  • Kim Klein on the Commons: I love people who reflect on whether having a fenced backyard makes them a hypocrite, and who think about surviving the recession together, rather than “every family for itself.” If you think about the potential of tax policy to build a new understanding of “us”, then check this out.
  • Fighting Monsters: This is one of my favorite social work blogs. Even though I don’t do older adult community work in England, as does the author, I feel a lot in common, at least in terms of her approach to the value and ethical dilemmas of our profession. Her writing is honest and engaging…and how can one not love a social work blog named after a quote from Nietzsche?
  • MomsRising: The MomsRising blog features news, commentary, personal reflection, and, sometimes, heated debate about policy issues that touch the lives of every family in the country. Even if you’re not a mother, the stories of those who are, and how they’re working for a better nation for all of our kids, will inform and inspire you.

    Happy day to you, those you love, and what we all love…allies on our shared journey to justice.

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    1. Thanks so much for including my blog. I feel quite humbled alongside such august company 🙂

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