They’re on our team–Nonprofit(s) Vote!

I love it when I find awesome like-minded people doing great things that I think will be super-helpful and interesting to you all. This definitely falls into that category: Nonprofit Vote.

It’s a blog with information for people in the nonprofit sector interested in nonpartisan voter engagement. Right now, they have a lot of information about the Census and why it matters for future elections, upcoming primaries, and continuing fallout from the Supreme Court decision on money and politics.

They also just launched their 2010 election cycle resources, with state-by-state resources, an awesome voter engagement toolkit, and a FREE webinar series on how to do civic engagement through your nonprofit (can you tell why I love these people?)! They’re very broad-based, in terms of their view of the nonprofit sector–the issues that scroll in the background include hunger, arts, immigration, environment, housing, literacy, disabilities, human services, youth, families, job training…I think we can all find something there that speaks to our work.

In addition to this commentary and encouragement (friend them on Facebook; I did!), they have some concrete tools for nonprofits to do voter registration, Get-Out-the-Vote, and electoral reform work as a part of their overall operations. All of their information is very relevant for social work advocates committed to civic engagement with those we serve.

Check it out; I’d love to hear what you think, and please, if you know of other resources to help nonprofits this election year, share them in the comments. And someone, please, send a thank-you note to the Nonprofit Vote folks–this has to be my record shortest post ever!

2 responses to “They’re on our team–Nonprofit(s) Vote!

  1. Nonprofit Vote, what a great resource. There’s so much information out there that many people get fustrated and just tune it all out. So at True Blue Women we spend a lot of time getting members excited and vote. I’m going to be sure to share this website with our board. We’re always looking for help with spreading the word about voting.

    Also there’s some great nonprofits in town that have given endorsements. A good way to sift through all that incoming election info. Check out Mainstream Coalition or Kansas Families for Education. On the TBW website we have links to many of these orgs endorsement pages. Or just check with a nonprofit that you like, they may have their own endorsements.

    • I sit on KFE’s Board, actually, and this year was my first to go through the (exhaustive, and exhausting!) endorsement process. I’m glad that those are good resources for you. My hope is that organizations like Nonprofit Vote will help other agencies to understand that civic engagement is part of all of our jobs, even if our “real” work is mental health or child welfare…or whatever. We won’t see the kind of pressure we need, on elected policymakers, unless and until we begin to shift the electoral calculus of big policy decisions.

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