2 responses to “There are worse things than unemployment

  1. I agree that there is a mindset that believes that there will always be folks who will be poor or in need. I feel that stymies forwarding thinking that looks at the big picture and toward a time when clients don’t need us anymore.

    Although in these current economic times, the numbers of folks in need has increased while social work positions have been cut.

    But I, too, would love to find my degree obsolete. And spending the day baking does sound wonderful or photographing national parks. And a world where poverty is hard for the new generation to imagine. Can you picture it?

    By the way, I’d love the world where you were a Supreme Court Judge! You’ve got my vote!

    • Thanks, Lesa! Now you just have to get yourself elected to the Senate so you can vote on my confirmation! 🙂 Thanks so much for your comments–I was just talking in class today (Poverty in the Global Economy) about the idea of “the poor are always with us” and taking a historical look at how far we’ve come in order to better frame ending poverty as a political, not a technical, problem. And, while we know that there are always those who might need social workers for “exceptional” situations, it would be amazing and wonderful to get away from that really being the rule. Thanks again–it’s great to hear from you! –melinda

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