Happy Anniversary to Us!

squared circles, Leo Reynolds via Flickr

No, it’s not my wedding anniversary (that’s August 18th, for anyone so inclined!). It’s OUR anniversary, together–the anniversary of when I launched this blog and some of you began reading and commenting along with me. Yay!

Apparently, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, so feel free to print this out. The modern first anniversary gift is a clock. Please see above.

And, as an extra present, here are the 10 most viewed/commented upon (on the blog and on Facebook) posts of the past year. Thank you, all of you, for making this whole endeavor so very, very much fun.

10. Social Work Ethics and Social Media
9. Top 10 Things we should be paying attention to in 2010
8. I’m a social worker, too! Guest post by Heather Bradley-Geary
7. How Organizing Made me a Better Parent
6. Too Vulnerable for Empowerment?
5. Wither the Nonprofit?
4. So you want to have a marcha?
3. Why isn’t popular education more, well, popular with social workers?
2. I’ve found my people–Building Movement
1. The Shame of a Nation, and this Mommy

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