It’s that time of year again…J-O-B

So another terrific class of macro social workers is getting ready to graduate from the University of Kansas (and, I’m certain, many other schools of social work around the country!), and, while the social work job market may not be quite as tight has it was for the class of 2009, it’s still a rough field out there. At this time of year, my thoughts turn to job searching in macro practice and how to help graduating students and other social workers who are looking for macro practice jobs. To get us started, here is a list of links of online job sources (all in nonprofit/social change work), a couple of articles about job searching in a recession, and a presentation on using purposeful internships to set yourself apart from other candidates (it’s good; sorry for the random punctuation around it–I spent 30 minutes trying to cut it out and moved on!).

Keep me posted on your job search process, and please, once you’re successful finding a great job that allows you to advance your life while serving your cause, share your tips!

Opportunity Knocks
Opportunity Knocks has listings of nonprofit jobs, a Nonprofit Wage and Benefit Report, a place to post your resume, tons of helpful articles, and a list of job fairs around the country.

Idealist has nonprofit job listings and hosts career fairs in a number of cities. Sign up for email alerts for nonprofit jobs in your area.

Jobs For Change
This is the one that I wrote up last year. They also have columns and advice for job seekers.

Mostly administrative-type jobs in the nonprofit, health care, and government sectors.

Philanthropy Careers
These are pretty fundraising-heavy listings, but there are some administrative positions, too, and it has high volume.

Council on Foundations
This site has a lot of postings and thorough descriptions.

Philanthropy Journal
This site includes entry-level nonprofit jobs plus those in management/leadership.

The NonProfit Times
This is kind of old-school, basically the classified ads for the nonprofit world’s newspaper. They also operate a career advice center.

This is unofficially for the Gen-X and Gen-Yers–part of OnPhilanthropy. I subscribe to their FLiP blog for insights on nonprofit leadership for young adults.

Don’t forget Craigslist. More nonprofits are putting openings there because it’s a free listing.

More Resources:
Nonprofit Job Searching in Tough Times

Nonprofit Job Search Tips



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