Melinda’s Blog Roll, Part 2

OK, so my blog reading is getting a little bit out of control. But I keep following links from one great blog to another, and I find some great guest post somewhere that leads me to a new author, and the rest is history. I’m committed that my kids don’t have a memory of the side of Mommy’s face as she reads, so I have mostly been sacrificing sleep, but I’m learning a lot and keeping, I think, pretty up with the worlds of nonprofit leadership, advocacy and organizing, technology for social change, and progressive social work.

Here are my latest additions!

The Nonprofit Consultant Blog: This comes from a much more business-focus than my typical reading, but it has some good technical insights on management and fundraising that I find helpful (mainly because I tend not to think about that stuff as much).

Nonprofit SOS: This is one of my new favorites–she writes from the perspective of nonprofit workers and includes a fun feature that profiles different folks in the nonprofit sector, as well as (endearing her to me forever) a section on advocacy. She’s also pretty free with samples and how-to help.

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog: This is one that I subscribe to now. It’s one of the coolest-looking blogs ever, and she hosts webinars that always look awesome (some are free) (I’ll do them someday, when I don’t have 3 kids underfoot, you know?), and has tons of great information about both traditional and emerging communications. There’s not as much advocacy content as I would like–it’s more traditional nonprofit/social services stuff–but it’s very good.

I may be asking for trouble here, but I do want to know what you’re reading these days. What suggestions do you have for additions to my feed?

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