I learn something new every day…

and I want to share it with you!

I was actually looking at some information on Twitter in preparation for a meeting I have tomorrow night–I sit on the Board of an organization that is ramping up its social networking presence, so I’m helping with that–and I found this, my newest favorite thing in the world!

Google has this tool–they call it Website Optimizer–and it is pretty awesome. Basically, you can have it test various versions of your organization’s website to see which version garners the best response, in terms of click-through rates or ‘take action’ responses, or whatever specific behavior you want to encourage. I know that nothing scares social workers like the combination of statistics and technology, but the coolest thing about the Website Optimizer is that it can perform multivariate analyses, testing multiple variables (like different components of each of two or more pages) to see which combination works best, as well as analyzing them separately. Seriously, it’s pretty awesome. And, it’s free! If you need help, you have to pay for the consultants to help you (or I’ll try to answer your questions, since I spent a long time playing with it today), but the tool itself is totally free of charge.

Think about it–no more guessing which headline language or font or layout would work best, where you should put your call to action, whether a photo here or there would help, or how much blank space your page needs to be attractive. You can scientifically test it and then watch the results pour in!

Check it out, and then let me know what you think. And I’ll keep searching, while the twins pull at the computer cords to try to pull up and my toddler builds improbable towers of blocks taller than he is…I’ll let you know what else I find!

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