Sometimes you have to scream from the rooftops

I don’t know if anyone else heard this tonight; I was on my way home from class and caught the end of The World (Public Radio International), and there was, of course, a feature on Iran’s turmoil and the crackdown on dissenters following the June 12 election. I’m somewhat transfixed by this story (more to come next week), but it was the very end of the piece that completely floored me.

The reporter paused in his reporting and said that it was now the time of the evening when people, mostly women and children, went to their roofs to chant, among other things, ‘end to the dictator’ or something like that. These are the only protests that are not violently suppressed, and they occur all over Tehran, at least, according to this piece. You should be able to hear it here.

For me, it was this very powerful moment of reminder that voices will not be silenced, that people will find incredibly creative ways to be heard, even in the midst of crushing opposition.

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