Technology in Organizing

It’s truly ironic that this is my big new fascination, since I am one of the least technologically-savvy 30-something advocates you’ll meet. I have yet to start my own Facebook site, I’m still vague about how Twitter actually works, and I have an old-school cell phone. I am 21st century in that I ‘read’ the paper online everyday (we don’t subscribe at home), I use Blackboard digital classroom all the time for my students, and an organization’s website is the first thing I check out when I’m considering a contribution of time or money. But, still…my husband has to help me figure out how to make this site do some of the things that I want it to, and I’m on a first-name basis with the University’s IT people. I’m pretty basic when it comes to technology, then, but I’m still enamored of some of the amazing things that nonprofit organizations are doing with new technologies. I’m trying to collect stories about successes, learn all I can about how to make this stuff work, and then help organizations that are new to the whole advocacy arena also figure out how to integrate emerging technologies into their work. Please share your ideas about any of these applications and, if your campaign/organization is using social networking or Google maps or virtual reality in your advocacy work, link to it or use one of those Delicious or Buzz Up or who knows what else tools to send it to me!



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