Help for Nonprofits’ Websites

My best friends at TechSoup have done it again (this time, technically, they just delivered this to my inbox, I guess, not created the content, but still–I LOVE THESE PEOPLE).

The link below has a list of design best practices for nonprofit websites, all very user-friendly, as well as a ‘design showcase’ that profiles the best nonprofit websites, according to their criteria and actual effectiveness. I was beyond delighted to find that some of the websites they selected (including the New York City Coalition Against Hunger) are among those that I had found earlier this spring and included in a lecture for my Advanced Advocacy and Community Practice course regarding the use of technology in organizing and advocacy (so I guess at least I know what to look for!).

If your website needs some enhancement (and that applies to most nonprofit organizations), please check this out. I found the design showcase to be really inspirational, and the best practices all made a lot of sense. And, remember, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for TechSoup’s “cup of TechSoup” to get digests of their best stuff delivered to your inbox once a week. It’s awesome.

Best practices and design examples

One response to “Help for Nonprofits’ Websites

  1. melindaklewis

    TechSoup has done a new article on redesigning a nonprofit agency website:

    I find that many organizations that have existing websites need the most help updating their sites–those that are just getting started have the advantage of seeing how technology has evolved in this area in recent years, while organizations with older sites have the challenge of undoing the more rudimentary features on their sites and building one that is more functional and appealing, in order to compete with the multitude of online options that vie for our attention.

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