Change (.org) your Job!

I got an email about this last week and just had time to check it out today, and I’m really excited about it! I hope that it continues to grow and can be a great resource for both job-seekers and employee-seekers in the nonprofit world. Here’s what I like most about it:

  • Tons of job categories within nonprofits, including organizing, public policy/research, marketing, finance, social services, computer management–I love that, pretty much no matter what it is that you want to do, you can envision a way to do it within a social change context.
  • And I looked–there are real, as in ‘we are hiring now!’ jobs on there, in the categories (which you can also search by geographic location, years of experience, and other parameters), and in their ‘featured jobs’ section.
  • They have these career advisors, who are basically people with experience working in social change, who write articles about job-seeking and career development in the social change arena, and who are also available to answer questions (which you can post). I checked it out and posted one, and I got a pretty decent answer in a very short time. You can also browse the archived answers. They are planning to add more advisors, including one for graduate students. I also found the articles pretty interesting, and the whole content area on Sector Switchers is helpful, especially in today’s economy, when many people are thinking about a leap to nonprofit work.
  • They have a whole topic area on political and advocacy jobs–I love that these are here, instead of only more direct-service work.
  • You can follow it on Twitter or sign up to receive job alerts, helpful for those whose limited time is occupied by the job search process.

    Jobs for Change

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