TechSoup for the Nonprofit Advocate’s Soul

Once a week or so, I get this fantastic email from TechSoup, a website resource for nonprofits trying to get a better handle on how to maximize their use of technology. I love these people! This week’s included a blog post on Facebook for Nonprofits that has links to all of these other resources–how-tos on developing your Facebook presence and building your fan base, and promoting your Cause (Facebook lingo). It’s full of great advice that I’ve already started pouring through, and it’s representative of the information I get from TechSoup every week–last week had a piece on using Google Maps that included advocacy applications! You can subscribe for free to get the digest, like I do, or just peruse the site for helpful guidance and lots of good examples. They also have webinars and Meetups and other ways to get help with your organization’s technology needs–including those related to advocacy and community organizing! Check it out:

TechSoup main page

From today’s “Cup of TechSoup”: Facebook for Nonprofits from TechSoup

One response to “TechSoup for the Nonprofit Advocate’s Soul

  1. Hear, hear. They are so helpful. Thanks for the tip!

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